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High Priority Needs
“Good health is something that we often take for granted. We tend not to think much about it until something happens to us…or one of our loved ones” said Dr. Laura Kelly, Emergency Physician, RMH.

New and updated equipment is required every year to ensure that our physicians, surgeons, nurses and health care staff can provide the best possible care to the 95,000 residents in our communities.

Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation is proud to invest in your health by funding several pieces of urgently needed, life saving equipment each year. In addition, we support a number of community initiatives that support a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices.

Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation's values are:

  • To improve the health of the citizens of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows
  • Encourage efficient use of community resources
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches and techniques to solve community health issues, and build capacity.
  • Address the root causes of health issues in our communities
  • Promote cooperation and partnership among organizations to minimize the potential for duplication of services
  • Strengthen an organization’s capacity to be sustainable

Please, partner with us. Your donations will benefit the entire community.

2019–20 High Priority Needs
This year, we are funding several pieces of equipment and programs including:
Colonoscope Ambulatory Care $43,000.00
Scope Guide Ambulatory Care $35,000.00
Cystoscope Ambulatory Care $20,000.00
Rhapsody tub Baillie House $30,000.00
Medication Cart Baillie House $9,000.00
Event Monitoring System Cardiology $25,000.00
External Pacemaker Emergency $5,500.00
Ceiling Lift General Surgery $13,000.00
Nursing Home Visit Bags x 14 Home Health $5,950.00
Bladder Scanner Hospice $18,300.00
Dual Head Microscope Laboratory $18,000.00
Fetal Monitor - Mobile Labour & Delivery $15,000.00
ECG Monitor - Mobile Labour & Delivery $10,000.00
Ultrasound Cardiac Machine Medical Imaging $130,000.00
Medication Cart Medicine (2W) $9,000.00
Hygiene Slings x 5 Medicine (2W) $1,600.00
Vital Signs Monitor Medicine (3N) $8,800.00
Abdominal Retractor OR - Surgical $17,000.00
Camera Heads x 5 OR - Urology $25,000.00
Recliner Chair PACU $2,600.00
Ergonomic Table Pharmacy $4,000.00
Recumbent Bike for Special Needs Physiotherapy $6,850.00
Replacement Beds x 8 Psychiatry $62,400.00
Bariatric Wheelchairs x 2  Rehabilitation $7,000.00
Mobile Lift x 2 Rehabilitation $5,400.00
Steam Cleaner for Wheelchairs Rehabilitation $3,700.00
Ventilator Respiratory $65,000.00
Bronchoscope Respiratory $50,000.00
Bladder Scanner Surgical Daycare $18,300.00
Total High Priority Needs   $664,400.00
2019–20 Other Funding Support
Youth Wellness Centre $250,000.00
Education/Major/Department Grants $25,000.00
Seed and Innovation Grants $15,000.00
McKenney Creek Hospice $7,500.00
Baillie House $5,000.00
Pediatric Comfort $4,000.00
VolunTEEN Program $1,500.00
Total Other Funding Support $308,000.00
RMH Projects
Wayfinding Signage & Refresh   $157,000.00
Physician Engagement Centre   $170,000.00
Psychiatric Urgent Response Clinic   $48,000.00
Total RMH Projects   $375,000.00

For information on how you can help the foundation fund this equipment please click here to contact Debbie Kennedy or phone 604.466.6925.