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How You Can Help: Ways to Give

If you are considering making a gift to RMHF we would be pleased to meet with you and to recommend next steps. If you have a tax or legal advisor, we would also be pleased to talk to them with you, or on your behalf.

Gifts of Cash
Most Foundation supporters give gifts of cash. For many, it is as easy as writing a cheque or using a credit card. Your charitable tax receipt is issued on the date your donation is received or on the date it is post- marked. Please make cheques payable to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation (RMHF).

Gifts of Appreciated Property
Donating publicly traded securities or real estate can provide an even greater tax benefit to some donors. Real estate may also result in a long-term benefit to the hospitals for expansion of care facilities, or they can be sold by Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation with the proceeds used to meet important care priorities.

Canada Revenue Agency's rules governing gifts of publicly traded securities offer after-tax savings when the securities are directly donated to RMHF. The inclusion rate (amount of the capital gain that is taxable) is now 0%. That is, Canada Revenue Agency no longer taxes the capital gain on securities when they are donated to VHF. This results in a double saving - first, no taxes on the capital gain, and second, a tax receipt for the full amount of the donation that can be used to reduce taxation on other income.

Gifts of securities or real estate are considered to be made on the day the transfer is completed.

Securities gifted to RMHF through Wills can result in a reduction in taxable income on the final return and an increase in the amount of tax credit that can be used to offset the Estate’s other taxable income.

Gifts of Personal Property
A gift of personal property such as jewelery, antiques, furniture or art may have to be accompanied by a third party appraisal of its current market value. In most cases your gift would be sold and the proceeds used to improve patient care. If this would not be consistent with your wishes, we would be pleased to discuss other options.

Gifts Through United Way or Employee Campaigns
If your employer participates in the United Way or other employee campaigns, you can support RMHF by designating the gift on your pledge card. Please contact us for more details.

Estate Gifts or Planned Gifts
A planned gift lets you take care of your family while ensuring a gift to the hospital. The decision about your gift can be made now, but the transfer usually happens in the future.

A charitable bequest through your estate is a satisfying way of providing a gift in the future, while retaining full control of your property. A bequest can also be used to reduce the taxes that may be owed by your estate. You could specify an amount of money, personal property or a portion of the residue of your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
With a charitable remainder trust you designate an amount that is then used to create a trust fund. The net income generated by this fund is paid to you or your beneficiary. The principal of the trust reverts to RMHF upon the trust's termination.

An annuity gift directs RMHF to use your contribution to purchase an annuity from an insurance company that will pay regular fixed amounts to you as donor. The residue will revert to RMHF when you no longer need the fixed annual payments.

For further information on making a gift to RMHF, please contact us by email at info@rmhfoundation.com.