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“Good health is something that we often take for granted. We tend not to think much about it until something happens to us… or one of our loved ones.”

—Dr. Laura Kelly, Emergency Physician, Ridge Meadows Hospital

Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation is proud to invest in your health by funding several pieces of urgently needed lifesaving equipment and community initiatives.

Updated April 3, 2023

2023–24 High Priority Needs

Uroflowmeter, Ambulatory Care $9,000

Uroflow testing allows for real time measurements which will allow point of care assessment to guide a urologist in diagnosing diseases that effect the urinary tract. RMH runs a very busy Urology Clinic as well as two afternoons of Cystoscopy, treating an estimate of fifty patients a week with urological health issues. A Uroflow meter at Ridge Meadows Hospital will aid in accurate investigations for the diagnosis of obstruction in the lower urinary tract. It is also non-invasive and timely, as the current waitlist for formal urodynamics is 2-3 months in Fraser Health.

Gastroscope, Ambulatory Care $34,700

The gastroscope will aid in diagnosing cancer, as well as aid in treatment of conditions such as the removal of polyps and widening of narrowed esophagus. It is essential in emergent life threatening situations such as an actively bleeding varices hemorrhage or removal of a foreign object. Every weekday, RMH has allotted time for urgent and emergent add-on endoscopy procedures for Emergency and admitted patients. Over the last two years, 60% of these procedures required the use of a gastroscope.

Portable Ultrasound, Ambulatory Care $63,900

A portable ultrasound machine allows ultrasounds to be taken at the point of care, increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. This new piece provides greatly improved image clarity from older models. Its clarity and mobility provide reliable second-screening diagnosis. This Portable Ultrasound will be used for approximately 45% of patients that are seen in Emergency.

Bariatric Plinth, Home Health Services$10,000

A plinth chair focuses on patients’ comfort while providing a sturdy and adjustable work surface for clinic wound care. The legs on the plinth chair create a very natural seated position with the knees raised while providing a better position for the nurse to maintain proper body mechanics when providing wound care treatment. In addition, the nurse can also adjust the chair height and leg positions for easier access to hard-to-reach wounds. Every patient seen in the wound care clinic can be seen with the bariatric plinth chair.

Portable GlideScope, ICU$6,500

A portable GlideScope will allow the practitioner to intubate the patient with the least chance of exposure to pathogens.

Fetal Monitor, Maternity $31,300

It is best practice to continuously monitor an infant’s status while the mother is in active labour. This monitor allows infants to be monitored during the transportation of the mother from the maternity unit to the OR. This can alert the nurse to fetal/maternal emergency situations and facilitate the nurse taking corrective action or escalating the priority of the procedure to an emergency.

Regency HTR Chair x2, Medicine Unit, 2W $6,500

HTR chairs are specialized chairs designed to support mobility and positioning of patients. They offer customizable positioning options and range of different adjustments such as tilt, recline, and leg rest elevation. This customization can help put patients in positions to help improve circulation and reduce the risk of pressure sores for patients who are unable to move on their own. Additionally these chairs offer more comfortable seating options for palliative patients. 2W Medicine Unit’s HTR chairs are in need of replacement as the previous chairs were discarded as they did not meet infection control requirements. The unit has had to rely on borrowing from other units based on availability.

Shower Tilt Chair x2, Medicine Unit, 2W$28,200

Shower chairs will help improve patient hygiene and prevent infection by enabling patients who are not mobile and require ceiling lifts to safely and comfortably be offered showers during their visit. About 1/3 of the patients in 2W require 2-person assistance for mobilization, so would benefit from shower chairs. They will also make nurses and health care aids feel equipped to provide  competent patient care that will have a positive impact on the patient’s overall health outcome.

Neptune 3 - Fluid/Waste Management, Operating Room$20,800

A fluid management system collects and monitors fluid levels to determine fluid absorption. It is used during hysteroscopy, polyp, and fibroid resections to monitor fluid. Continuous infusion of fluid is used for distension of the uterus, which allows for optimal visualization throughout the procedure. Fluid monitoring is important because fluid overload can occur during this process. This unit allows for vigilant monitoring of fluid during procedures to accurately measure fluid deficits, maintain consistent intrauterine distension, and ensure patient safety.

Pistol Motor - Handpiece Driver x2, Operating Room$15,600

Power drills are used in most orthopedic cases.  RMH OR currently has three F1 power drill sets, which are a favorite among our orthopedic surgeons due to their lightweight handpieces which helps reduce hand fatigue.  F1 drill sets come with two handpieces, four drill attachments, and one chuck key but only one motor meaning only one handpieces can be used at a time thus not being used to its full potential.

Shoulder Retractor Instrument Set, Operating Room$19,700

Specialized shoulder retractors are needed for visualization and access to the shoulder joint.  These specialized retractors work by levering to gain access to humeral head and glenoid during a total shoulder arthroplasty, reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, or any open shoulder procedure.  Currently RMH OR has one of these sets, an additional set would allow back-to-back shoulder cases and speed up time in between cases, when one set is being cleaned and sterilized.

Recumbent Elliptical, Rehab$10,800

A recumbent elliptical provides an easy and effective low-impact total body workout. It combines a stable and stress-free recumbent position, with the natural feeling of walking. This machine is easily accessible for patients with low mobility, making it an important addition to the fleet of exercise equipment in our Physiotherapy department.

Vein Viewer, Surgery, 3W$10,000

An AccuVein Vein Viewer is a small handheld laser camera projection that maps out peripheral veins on the skin. It improves first stick success, and decreases procedure time and patient pain, overall increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. It has many uses from improving the experience of a pediatric patient, to gaining life-saving IV access in an emergency.

Ceiling Lift, Surgical Daycare$17,300

A ceiling lift is used to mobilize and transfer patients in bed and within their room when they are unable to do so by themselves because of their medical status or a disability. Improving the mobility of patients results in better patient outcomes, as it can decrease the length of stay in the hospital, and decrease hospital-acquired infections. The ceiling lift is also safer for staff to use.

Blanket Warmer, Urgent Primary Care$7,500

A Blanket Warmer will bring various benefits beyond just comfort for patients receiving IV treatment. Statistics show that blanket warming improves patients’ clinical outcomes by reducing anxiety, lessening bleeding, increasing response to medication, and reducing chances of cardiac problems. It has also been shown to enhance patient recovery and reduce hospital stays.

Portable Cardiac Monitor, Cardiac Clinic$13,300

RMH has scheduled time on weekdays for urgent and emergent add-on endoscopy procedures for Emergency and admitted in-patients. In 2022, they completed 50% more urgent cases compared to 2021, and this year seems to be just as busy, if not busier. These cases often involve life-threatening situations like actively bleeding ulcers or varices hemorrhage, or the removal of foreign objects. For unstable patients, a cardiac monitor is used for care and assessment. However, the Endoscopy recovery area currently lacks a cardiac monitor, which means they have to borrow one or use a crash cart monitor, posing a safety issue. Having a cardiac monitor in the endoscopy recovery area would be a crucial addition to enhance patient care for add-on cases. It would enable nurses to cardiac monitor patients for stability and utilize end tidal CO2 monitoring to ensure adequate pain and anxiety relief while maintaining patient safety.

Total High Priority Needs: $539,700

2023–24 Other Funding Support

Baillie House$9,000

Donations to the Baillie House Resident Council Fund supports recreation and program activities, special projects, and general comfort items to enhance the quality of life for residents of Baillie House.

Community Health Initiatives$5,000

We are pleased to support programs and initiatives in the community that encourage and promote healthy living.

Health Education Endowment Grants$10,000

These grants are awarded to our multi-disciplinary health care teams who work at Ridge Meadows Hospital and Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Health Services for professional development.

Impact Grants$15,000

These grants are awarded to departments for projects or resources that enhance or have a positive impact on patient care and innovative ideas that can help frontline staff do their jobs better or make their work more effective.

McKenney Creek Hospice $23,000

Donations to McKenney Creek Hospice support the patients, staff, and volunteers who provide quality hospice, palliative, and end-of-life care to the patients and families in McKenney Creek Hospice.

Patient Resource Cupboard $2,000

If a patient is without clothes after an emergency procedure or receiving care for an extended period without basic hygiene tools, we can fulfill these needs. Our Patient Resource Cupboard provides items like basic hygiene necessities, simple clothing, shoes, spare readers, and hearing devices and batteries.

Pediatric Comfort$4,000

These funds support client comfort, education, equipment and special projects for the clients and families who use services of the pediatric department.

Research (SEED) Grants$10,000

The Foundation is pleased to support new researchers/Principal Investigators to complete a definitive research study or to engage in preliminary research.

Social Work$1,500

Our Social Work department provides lifestyle assistance through things like grocery cards, housekeeping vouchers, meal vouchers, and more to people who are unable to fulfill these needs in their life because of their health or barriers like having no family or support to assist them.

Vascular Lab Pilot$2,500

Vascular Lab Pilot Project at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

VolunTEEN Sponsorship$1,500

We are proud to sponsor the VolunTEEN Program at Ridge Meadows Hospital. Funds are used for expenses directly related to the VolunTEEN Program and may include items such as t-shirts and orientation expenses.

Total Other Funding Support: $293,500


For a printable PDF version of the Commitment List, either scan the QR code above or click the link below.

2023-24 Commitment List2024-25 Commitment List

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