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Aman Kaywan – Making a Difference

November 09, 2020: The RMH Foundation team had the pleasure of meeting Aman Kaywan recently. He stopped into the office to make a donation and while there, he shared the story of his life.

Aman is a hard-working man living a simple life, with a quick smile and a gift for storytelling. He shared the story of his home country of Afghanistan during turbulent times, his journey that led him to Canada in 1999 and his spiritual journey that has resulted in his steadfast faith in humanity.

Aman no longer practices any specific religion, but believes we should stand up to help our neighbours; we should lend a hand when we can, and we should give what we can. He saved up to make a $5000 donation to Ridge Meadows Hospital and would like the community know that you don’t have to be rich to make a difference. He volunteers at the Salvation Army, at the Food Bank, and at Golden Ears Church.

His name, Aman, means Peace. And with peace in his heart he quietly does whatever he can to help others. You are a gift to our community, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Thank you Aman.

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