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New Welcome Mural Installed at Maple Ridge Treatment Centre with RMHF Impact Grant

April 27, 2022: Maple Ridge Treatment Centre received an Impact Grant from Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation to support the installation of a welcome mural painted by Katzie First Nation artist, Rain Pierre.

The Mural is titled, “New Horizon” and the artist, Rain Pierre, shared the meaning behind it:

“When we go into major changes in our life and look within, the journey to healing often begins with looking at our past and beginning to understand better what made us end up at this destination.  Often we look at our past and realize that we wish we had someone standing in our corner at a young age, or someone to shout at us to make a decision or not make a decision to change our outcome.  When you go through this process of healing, you can now be that person for yourself or someone you care for.  You have a choice to heal and make your life better by being there for yourself with the journey of healing and taking responsibility for the life you have ahead.  When we look to the horizon, we seek out hope and desire for a better life – but that answer isn’t over the horizon.  It is within you.  You are the light that has the opportunity to change your future to make it the best possible life.  It is up to you to take flight like the eagle and carry your world into a brighter place.  And know that you aren’t alone in this journey. You will always have someone in your corner to back you up, whether it is from your family or a discovered family you have found here.   The momma bear and her cub represent the strength, resilience and bonds that this facility can give you, if you choose to accept it.   Dig deep and look to your horizon for a better life.”

Thank you to Rain Pierre for creating this beautiful artwork for the welcoming space at Maple Ridge Treatment Centre.

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