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Royal Canadian Legion Donates $42,000 to Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation for Uroflowmeter and Specialty Bariatric Mattresses

By November 14, 2023No Comments

LegionIn a tremendous demonstration of support for Ridge Meadows Foundation Hospital, the Royal Canadian Legion has made a generous donation of $42,000. The funding will be used to purchase a sophisticated Uroflowmeter device and specialty bariatric mattresses, enhancing the hospital’s ability to provide exceptional care to the community.

With a considerable portion of the donation receiving allocation towards a Uroflowmeter, patients undergoing urology examinations will benefit greatly. This state-of-the-art medical device measures urinary flow rate, allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose various urinary conditions accurately. By integrating the Uroflowmeter into their diagnostics, the hospital’s urology department will improve their ability to provide accurate assessments and treatment plans.

Furthermore, the specialty bariatric mattresses made possible through this donation will significantly contribute to the comfort and well-being of patients requiring specialized care. Designed to meet the specific needs of individuals with bariatric conditions, these mattresses offer superior support and pressure redistribution. The acquisition of these mattresses ensures that patients will be provided with optimal comfort and safety during their stay at Ridge Meadows Foundation Hospital.

The Ridge Meadows Foundation Hospital extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Royal Canadian Legion for their generous donation. The funds will undoubtedly enhance the hospital’s ability to serve the community’s healthcare needs effectively. Their continued commitment to improving patient care further strengthens the bond between the hospital and the local community.

The donation from the Royal Canadian Legion is a testament to the power of collaboration between community organizations and healthcare providers. By joining forces, they can make a significant, lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Together, they symbolize the spirit of goodwill and compassion that characterizes the Ridge Meadows community.

As Ridge Meadows Foundation Hospital celebrates this momentous contribution, the organization continues to strive for excellence in healthcare delivery. The Uroflowmeter and specialty bariatric mattresses made possible by the Royal Canadian Legion’s donation represent significant steps toward achieving that goal. Patients can now benefit from improved diagnostics and enhanced comfort, ensuring a higher standard of care for years to come.

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