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A Remarkable Contribution: Drive for the Cure Donates $100,000 to Ridge Meadows Hospital

By December 18, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

This past weekend, we were honored to witness Drive for the Cure presenting a grand cheque of $100,000 to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation. This heartfelt gesture was made in loving remembrance of Kevin Varga from the Varga & Wall family.

Kevin, a gifted athlete hailing from Maple Ridge, illustrated indomitable courage in his battle with cancer. Despite his fortitude, he sadly succumbed to the illness at a tender age of 18.

Drive for the Cure has been an unyielding pillar of support since 2004, profoundly assisting in the fight against cancer. They have been pivotal towards the prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment of cancer at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

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This year, Drive for the Cure has achieved a memorable milestone with their fifth donation of $100,000. We are excited to announce that these funds will be channeled towards the procurement of a slide stainer. This valuable instrument plays an indispensable role in cancer diagnosis and treatment procedures. Slide staining, an important technique in pathology, enables the detection of abnormal cells and assists in determining the presence and extent of cancer. With this donation, Drive for the Cure is contributing to more accurate and prompt diagnoses, aiding healthcare professionals in crafting the most effective treatment plans for patients.

Drive for the Cure’s continued mission is palpably impacting the lives of patients and their loved ones. Their generosity significantly contributes to advancing cancer research and enhancing healthcare provision.

We invite you to join us in extending heartfelt gratitude to Drive for the Cure for their unwavering dedication in the battle against cancer. Their efforts remind us that together, we indeed can make a difference!

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