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Knights of Columbus Fuels Mobility Support with a Kind Donation

By December 28, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

We’d love to extend our deepest gratitude towards the Knights of Columbus Thomas Haney Council 5566 for their significant contribution of $1000. This generous donation aids the procurement of a pivotal piece of healthcare equipment – the Regency HTR Chair.

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Described as more than a simple seating solution, the Regency HTR Chair is meticulously crafted to provide essential support for mobility and positioning to individuals who need it most. With the ability to customize positions – tilt, recline, and leg rest elevation – these chairs serve an instrumental role to improve circulation and prevent the onset of pressure sores for individuals who require movement assistance.

The unwavering dedication the Knights display towards community healthcare is truly inspiring and we are immensely humbled by their generosity. With such partnerships, we are indeed making considerable strides forward in enhancing the comfort and well-being of patients in our community

Wrapping up, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation once more to the Knights of Columbus Thomas Haney Council 5566. Your generous contribution not only supports the cause but makes a significant difference in the lives of the people in our community. Thank you for paving the way for better healthcare conditions!

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