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100 Cards of Gratitude for Health Care Workers

September 27, 2021: Babs McLaren was extremely upset by the recent demonstrations in front of hospitals and health care workers and felt the need to respond in some way. She drafted a letter to the local paper but did not end up sending it, as she realized it did not make her feel better. She made a donation to the Foundation, but she still felt there was more she could do to show her appreciation for health care workers.

She came up with the idea of creating 100 cards of gratitude. Each card is hand-crafted, with a photo taken by Babs herself, and includes a hand-written note expressing her sincere gratitude, along with signatures from neighbours and friends.

Thank you Babs for going above and beyond to show your gratitude for health care workers during the pandemic, and always. These cards are sure to brighten their day and remind them that the work they do is so appreciated.

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