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July/August Community Giving

August 15: It’s getting STUFFY around here!
We’re excited to introduce Marley Monkey, Freddie Fox, Elly Elephant, Unity Unicorn, Casey Cow, Bizzie Beaver, Doodle Dog, Max Moose, Lionel Lion, and Henry Horse!
This adorable and cuddly crew join the bears of the HUG-A-BEAR Program, a partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Golden Ears, that brings comforts to our youngest patients across various departments in the hospital and community.
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August 10: We had a lovely donation of beautifully hand knit stuffies dropped off by Marjorie and Margaret.
Thank you so much, ladies! ???? Your contribution is so appreciated.
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July 11: Kate Crooker, a Haney Scout, wanted to do a Chief Scout Project that focused on community service back in 2019. She used her own personal experience of being a young child in hospital with nothing to do and came up with the idea of activity bags.

Over the last four years, Kate has returned time and time again to the hospital with these activity bags that she creates using money from collecting returnables. Kate’s latest donation is an incredible 68 activity bags.

As Kate heads off to University in the Fall we want to thank her for her support of the RMH Foundation over the years and wish her nothing but the best on her next big adventure.
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July 8: We were delighted to accept a generous donation of lap blankets, baby blankets, booties and hats from local Facebook group Help @ Stitch in Maple Ridge whose sole purpose is to make blankets and items for seniors, care homes and babies in our community using donated yarn and fabric.

Every stitch makes a huge impact in our community.

Thank you! Our hearts are full!

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