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Meet the New Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation Board of Directors for 2024!

By March 1, 2024March 7th, 2024No Comments

We are delighted to introduce the esteemed members of the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation Board of Directors for the upcoming year. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise, dedication, and passion for advancing healthcare initiatives in our community.

Leading the board this year is Heidi Einhorn, who transitions into the role of Chair after serving as Vice Chair last year. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Eva Mentz-van Gunsteren, our new Vice Chair, as she embarks on this vital leadership role.

Meet our distinguished Board of Directors for 2024:

  • Heidi Einhorn – Chair
  • Eva Mentz-van Gunsteren – Vice Chair
  • Jared Megyesi – Treasurer
  • Deb Walters – Secretary
  • Indy Badesha – Director
  • Sandeep Bhachu – Director
  • Heidi Ferriman – Director
  • Bodil Geyer – Director
  • Anu Korada – Director
  • Sonya Mollema – Director
  • Dal Sahota – Director
  • Jason Wood – Director
  • Ian Wright – Director
  • Dr. Laura Kelly – Site Medical Director
  • Rich Dillon – Site Executive Director

Board Photo

Each member of our Board of Directors brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table, contributing to the strategic direction and success of the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation.

To learn more about the our dedicated Board members, visit our website and navigate to the ‘About Us’ / ‘Our Board’ sections.

We are excited about the opportunities and advancements that the new Board of Directors will bring to our foundation, as we continue our mission to enhance healthcare services and support within our community.

Join us in congratulating and supporting the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation Board of Directors for 2024 as they lead us towards a brighter and healthier future.

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