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Seven Caregiving Angels recognized in Summer 2023.

July 19, 2023: The Foundation received donations to honor the compassionate care and dedication of two doctors and five staff in June and July.

This summer we have received seven Caregiving Angels between June 1st and July 15th! Caregiving Angels receive a letter telling them they have been honoured, and by whom, and a special pin to wear proudly.

We are excited to see our dedicated employees and volunteers getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work and compassionate care.  We would like to congratulate Catherine Hirniak from the Housekeeping Department; Madonna Carbonell, Brenda Lambert, Joyce Adriano, and Brittany Davis from 3 North; and Dr. George and Dr. Kotylak! Kyla Fernandez from our MRI was also recognized with as a Caregiving Angel earlier this year.

We hope to see this trend continue into the year!

You can also honour and recognize a Ridge Meadows Hospital employee or volunteer who has made a difference in your health care experience, or that of a loved one. When donating online, leave us a note in the message box that your donation is in honour of a Caregiving Angel, and under Dedication Information, write for whom it is in honour . If you would like to make your donation over the phone or in person, you can simply let us know whom you would like to honour.



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